Traveling the country is fun but we miss our family and friends.  While home we’ve been lucky to have plenty of visitors and we’ve enjoyed them all.

Alyssa has known Isabel all her life and we enjoyed having her here for Alyssa’s graduation and great to see them together and again sharing some smiles.


Karina is one of my “favorite” people and it was great to have her come to our home for a change, as we siblings are constantly congregating at her place.  She really enjoys outdoor stuff especially lying in the sun. (You can identify her by the purple tint in the hair above the flannel.)


Kim and Kate helped us setup our screen room (special thanks to Kate for figuring out how to attach the screen) and stayed for dinner and S’mores.


Biker Le visited us and brought dinner – pork chops and fish sauce prepared by Mama Le.  Great to see him and thank you Mama Le –  the pork chops were delicious.IMG_5300

We use to be neighbors, now we have no set location and they are living in Germany. Can’t tell you how much I miss being able to just go next door and drop in on G&G, but it was really special that we got to see Greg and Gloria  (aren’t they cute) during their visit back to the states.


We enjoyed a bike ride with Isa and Chef Alyssa prepared shrimp, fish, and veggie quesadilla and grilled corn with maple-cayenne butter, mmm good!

It’s always great to see Anne, Neil and Milo (that’s the top of his head between Neil and Ann).  Neil and I enjoyed a long bike ride on the rail trail while Anne and Lisa took a walk with Milo.  We finished up back at the camper with some fish on the grill.


Jani and Lisa have been friends since grade school and still act like kids together.  Eric and I are more sober and mature – lol.

Mom and her/our friend, Dolores, visited today and brought us a National Park tabletop book. Thanks so much!  We look forward to browsing and planning our trip with it.


Other visitors who we sadly did not get pictures of: Doug and Linda, Laura, and Mary. It’s been great seeing all of you and being together.