So we’re  living in an RV and we aren’t working – what the hell are we doing? 

Truthfully, we’re still trying to figure that out ourselves.  When we left the New England area we had plenty to do; I was working, we were shopping for an RV and we were sight seeing.  Now that I’ve been unceremoniously dumped from my job and we are back in New England it’s been a little bit tougher to figure out what to do with our time.  Especially, because the spring weather in New England has not been cooperating.  An RV is plenty big enough when the weather is nice – but gets really small when it rains for a few days in a row.


We’re in Brewster now and on a nice day we have plenty of options.  We’re near the rail trail so on Tuesday Alyssa and I took a bike ride.  There is a pond at the campground and they have canoes and row boats for rent  – so I’m hoping to get Lisa and Alyssa out for a paddle  or a ride later in the day. 


We’ve spent a lot of time  catching up with friends and family.  We’re on the Cape to the June 19th so if we haven’t seen you or you want to see us again get in touch soon.  On days when we aren’t seeing anyone I’ve been doing a lot of reading – having the time to do so is a luxury.  If anyone has any book recommendations send them along.

Normally I wake up early – 7ish, Lisa and Alyssa are rarely up before 12 so I have the morning to myself.  I usually try to get in some exercise – some body weight strength exercise and on nice days a walk, a bike or a run.  Yesterday I tried Bikram Yoga – first time in a while and my body did not participate willingly.  Even in years past I only approximated a lot of the poses, but yesterday it would have been hard to match any of my poses to the pictures in the book. Today my back was asking why the hell I thought it was a good idea to bend, bow and twist my spine that was much more use to lying, lounging and sitting.

Lisa is definitely missing gardening and I’m going to have to find a way to get her hands in the dirt on a regular basis if I want this to be happy adventure.  . In the south we visited a number of gardens which kept her from jonesing too badly.  On the cape she has gotten to dig her hands in dirt at the folks house which helps, but all the rain has limited access.   She has recently started some sprouts and herbs which she can do on the road and we’ve talked about doing some woofing  when we get back on the road but we need to do some more research.

My biggest difficulty is I find myself spending way too much time browsing and reading the internet – I’m obsessed with the current political climate.  While I think it’s healthy to stay abreast and important to participate, it’s definitely not good for me to pay too much attention as its frustrating, mostly futile and waste of time.

Right now as I write this I’m sitting outside on a lounge chair, the sun is out and the campground is quiet accept for the birds.  Lisa has risen (early for her it’s only 11:30) and I can hear her knocking around in the RV.  She stuck her head out a few minutes ago and mentioned going for a bike ride. 

We’re still settling in and figuring out this life (aren’t we all always figuring it out),  but today is feeling like a good day and we’re looking forward to our trip west and to new adventures.