Our friend Hung Le is about to get on his bike and head west and when I say “bike” I don’t mean motorcycle and when I say west I don’t mean Springfield, MA.  Mr. Le is planning  on riding a bicycle from Massachusetts to Oregon.


In honor of this big adventure Hung’s sister and brother-in-law hosted a party at their house and invited some family and friends.


Photo Credit: Hung Le

(Sorry – for any mislabels – and to those whose names I don’t know.)

Dô, Dô (Yo, Yo)! A good time was had by all.


Photo Credit: Tim Bui

Lisa and I are happy to say we’ve know Hung over thirty years and his love of fun and boundless enthusiasm is always a pleasure to be around.


Photo Credit: Tim Bui

Friends and family insist they are glad to see him go – but we know we’ll all miss him.

Photo Credit: Tim Bui

Hung likes to call Lisa and I “Beauty and the Beast”, but I think this picture is a much better example:


Photo Credit: Tim Bui

Biker Le shared his route – in case we have to send out a search party:


He’s doing this trip solo with no sag wagon so everything he needs is going with him:


Photo Credit: Tim Bui

I know my twin can do it:


Photo Credit and photoshop: Lisa Mattei

Thanks to Minh and Bob for hosting and everyone who participated – you know how to Party! Dô (Yo)!

BIKER LE – Best of luck on your adventure 🚵🏼  🇺🇸 👍 👍 👍


Photo Credit: Tim Bui