If you’re in Fort Myers, we strongly recommend you visit the Edison and Ford winter homes: beautiful grounds, really nice houses  (but much more modest than the Newport Mansions) and an interesting Museum.  Well worth the visit.

The Fort Myers River District is also very nice with funky stores, good restaurants and lots of music.  We had a great meal at Bruno’s of Brooklyn (manicotti that reminded me of mom’s).

( Remember the camera adds 10 lbs and apparently I get my 10 and lisa’s 10 also.)

Of course we had to do some plant related activities.  We visited Echo Farm in Fort Myers where they experiment with different cultivation techniques and distribute seeds to small farmers worldwide.  Really interesting stuff and a great cause.



We also visited a nice garden at the Moorings on Sanibel Island. My what big feet we have!

Fort Myers beach reminded me of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire with lots of stores, bars, and goofy tourist stuff.

We’re really liking our Tiffin Allegro, but we did have to wonder what the heck they expected us to do with all these …


Our new rig is bigger than our old rig – but not big enough to share with all these pillows, so…


we shrunk’em (on the right is before shrinking on the left post shrinking).  They are now in our basement storage and we don’t have to find a place for them every time we go to bed.

Outside of the pillows the rigs been great – easy cooking, great shower, and just really comfortable to live in. Still trying to figure out all the remotes for the 4 TVs, surround sound, fireplace, and blu-ray! A bit overkill for us seeing we only had one TV in our old home.