Fort Myers RV Resort is pretty quiet – like everyone is in before 9.  Well everyone but Reed, Susan, Lisa and I.  We struck up a conversation after curfew and Reed and Susan were wondering where everyone was, well one thing led to another and we ended up knocking off some top end Kentucky Bourbon at their camper and had them over a few nights later for margaritas – well not Reed he stuck with the Bourbon.  Fun folks glad we met’em.


Mike and Ann have been nice enough to host us at their beautiful home in Punta Gorda multiple times and it was time to repay the favor.  They became the first guests in our new rig.  I made some steaks on the grill – thin cut – like paper thin – but we enjoyed them anyway and we always enjoy Mike and Ann.


We’re in Florida, the sun sets – so a sunset picture is a requirement.


We were lucky enough to be able to book some time at the Savannas Recreation area. Really nice county park where you can do a short kayaking trip – short in distance but packed with lots of beautiful natural scenery.




My parents were big believers in visiting family when they were on  RV Trips. They can’t be replaced but Lisa and I are trying to keep the tradition alive.  We had a great time with Anita, Chris, Ben, Loretta, Chris Jr., Logan and Anita’s friends Joe and Lisa.  (If only Ben wasn’t so loud, my ears are still ringing.)


Great weather.

Beautiful natural surroundings.

Friends and family.

Life is good!