Here we are with our friends Gail and Dick Bethel at their place in Venice Beach.  If you love people that love life, you’ll love these two. At a time in life when other people have long ago hired someone else to do their yard work, Dick is trying a new knee treatment, so he can continue his landscaping career.  Gail is one of those go-go grandmothers who can’t do enough for her grand children.   Great hosts, great story tellers and just a hell of a lot of fun – thank you both, we had a blast.


Travelling is a lot more fun when you meet nice people and campers are some of the best people.  This crew we met at the Sun N Shade RV Park in Punta Gorda Fl.  As soon as we pulled in they welcomed us and we enjoyed their company for the ten days we spent there. The beautiful smiling women are Debbie, Sandi and Paula. The two handsome and happy gentleman are Dave and Tim and the princely pups are Jackson and Duncan.  It was great to be part of their crew during our stay – thanks for making it special.

If you know Lisa, you know she needs her plant fix now and then.  We found this nature preserve in Punta Gorda – a beautiful day, a beautiful walk and they sold native plants (lucky for me the retail store was closed – so Lisa hasn’t yet turned our motor home into a travelling jungle.)

Speaking of Motorhomes…


We came down to Florida in our old RV knowing we needed something more suitable for long-term travel.  We went to a couple of RV shows and ended up buying our new rig at the Fort Myers RV show.  We’re thrilled!   We’ve moved in and I’ve setup my office.

We’re still learning how to use all the systems and shaking out the bugs, so we’re staying near the dealer, in Fort Myers, for a week or two.

Knowing the weather in New England, this almost feels mean –  but Lisa and I went to Barefoot beach in Naples today for a sunset walk and the obligatory sunset photos.



Not sure exactly where we’re headed when we leave Fort Myers – possibly to the East Coast of FL, then back across to the Pan Handle and over to New Orleans – but plans change, we’ll let you know when we get there.