Last week we were rushing to see as much of the Everglades as we could while Alyssa was with us.  This week has been much slower-paced.  We are at an over 55 mobile home and RV park in Riverview Florida.  (Damn, wasn’t long ago when it was my parents who were hanging out at these places which discriminate against the young.)

The folks here are very friendly. Said hello to a guy in a golf cart and he asked if we heard about the kidnapping at Walmart … “No what happened?” we inquired, “He woke up.”  He proceeded to rattle off about ten corny but funny jokes in a row.  After his standup act he told us how he had workamped his way across the US.  (For those unfamiliar with workamping it’s a combination of working and camping, often times involving trading work at campgrounds in exchange for a free campsite and other compensation.)  Walking around here you get a lot of “Hello Neighbors” and people start conversations while you are doing your laundry or hanging out at the pool.

We’ve taken two trips into the Tampa RV show, which happens to be the biggest RV show in the world.  We were confused about what we should purchase as our next home before we visited, now we’re twice as confused.  There are so many options: trailer, 5th wheel, class A, Class B, B+,  Class C, Super C,  diesel, gas, 28ft, 32ft, 35ft, 40ft, 45ft, 1 slide, 2 slides, 3 slides,  4 slides, GVWR, GVW, CCC, basement models, pass through storage,  RV Fridge, Residential Fridge, Solar, Generator, Inverter, Gas Oven, Convection Oven, over cab sleeper, Jack Knife couch, pull out bed, middle aisle, side aisle, split bathroom, bath and a half, two baths…

We did run into former coworkers and friends at the RV show – Faith and Dan.  They are now pretty avid RVers.  They still both work fulltime  in hitech, even on the road, and manage to have a side career as folk singers.

We also had a chance to visit with J0hn and Joe and shared a meal at the Circle Restaurant at Apollo Beach.  I’m not going to do a Restaurant review,  that’s Alyssas gig, but we had a very nice meal.  Afterwards, we went to John and Joe’s for dessert and coffee.  Joe is back into competitive dancing and based on reviewing his dance videos – he’s got skills.

They too have considered getting an RV, but Buster (the cat) nixed the idea. (If you’re thinking who the heck are John and Joe, I’m not going into it – suffice it to say they are relative/friends who were always there to help out my parents and just really nice people.)


Now that we’ve reduced our running around doing touristy things, I’ve had some time to actually try to run.  As the phrase goes “I’m as slow as molasses in January”, but I think it’s good for me to make the effort.  Lisa has also joined the “fitness craze” and has been attending some Yoga Classes, though I think what she really needs is a shovel, dirt, and some plants.


That’s it for now – hope all is well with you.