When you’re having fun! So much to do and see so we are trying to fit it all in. Spent another day in the Everglades but this time we headed west to the Gulf Coast Visitor Center and into the Ten Thousand Islands area. We traveled along U.S. 41 and continued to count the alligators and lost track around 100! Yes, there were that many … it was crazy. A warm sunny day and they were out basking along the river banks. In the afternoon, we went on a boat ride to explore the islands and saw some interesting birds and pods of dolphins with mama’s and babes together!

On Thursday, we visited the Coral Castle in Homestead which was really cool. Built over a period of 28 years by Ed Leedskalnin who carved 1,100 tons of coral limestone rock. He was only 5′ tall and 100 lbs and used only hand tools … amazing!

In the evening, we had dinner at Crust (Italian restaurant) in Miami and walked around the bayside marketplace. Definitely a fun city with friendly people and beautiful Banyan trees.

Today (Friday) we headed for the Keys hoping to go snorkeling. However, when we arrived at Key Largo they said the wind was too strong and waves were about 3 feet so no boats were going out. Let down, we continued to head south to explore other areas. Stopped at John Pennekamp State Park for some hiking and kayaking amongst the mangroves instead. Followed by stops at Key Largo Chocolates and Ice Cream, Robbie’s at mile marker 77.5, and the Rain Barrel Artisan’s Village. A day at the Keys can never be disappointing!