Nacho Hippo, a tourist trap for xtra-large margaritas this place is certainly not an authentic Mexican restaurant. Our macho nachos with cut mixed greens and chopped tomatoes fell a bit short compared to shredded lettuce and fresh pico de Gallo. Don’t get me wrong these nachos were good, especially once you get down to the queso towards the bottom. And don’t be tricked by the jalapeños which seem deceivingly non-spicy until you decide their mild enough to have three on one nacho only to discover your mouth is on fire, with the only way to assuage it being the queso-drenched nachos.  For my meal I got a sloppy burrito which basically means a burrito covered with melted cheese. Inside was rice, beans, pico etc and roasted vegetables which included zucchini. It was well cooked though the filling could have had more flavour. But really I’m not going to complain about anything slathered in a gooey queso cheese sauce. 6/10 just your average José’s