Well, we’re on the road and the first few days have been “interesting”.  If you learn from your mistakes we’ve learned a few things.

  • Your GPS will always want to take you on the roads where RVs are not allowed.  Even using a trip planner intended for RVs you can not always trust the routes it takes you on.
  • Avoid NYC, Baltimore and Washington DC
  • Getting lost in Baltimore sucks and if you stop to unhook your car, so you can backup your  RV, there is sure to be someone you have blocked in, waiting for you to get done.
  • South Carolina does not do a very good job of marking roads closed – at least they don’t until you get to the fence across the road.roadblock
  • There is a very nice couple in SC, that live right next to a fence across a closed road, who are willing to help you figure out what to do when you are driving your RV and towing a car for the first time and you can no longer proceed forward and there is no obvious place to turn around and these very nice people are also willing to drive 12 miles out of their way to get you on the right route to where you want to go.
  • Anyway – we’re now in Myrtle Beach and Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie had us over for a wonderful spaghetti dinner and we drank away our driving blues and got to take long hot showers and the weather is nice and the girls slept late and life is good.