We didn’t have much time to spend but we decided to get a meal in Rochester at the  Ox and Stone.   It’s an interesting Latin restaurant.   On the menu were crickets and the waiter recommended them as an appetizer.  What could be the harm?  I was sure the crickets would be covered in batter or something to make them unrecognizable. Since we were in Rochester NY, there was no way they were going to serve me bugs that look like bugs right?


Apparently, I was wrong! However, having set my mind to the task I did what I set out to do.  They were not delicious, they were not really bad either if you didn’t look too closely and tried not to think about what the crunching was or what exactly the little bits getting stuck between your teeth consisted of.   For all those who commented on Facebook – Karina (“no, no, no”), Cindie (“gross”),  Kelly (“Ewwww”), Christopher (“Yuk”), Ann (“Eeeewww!”) – I think you should get adventurous and give them a try, as Heather pointed out, “they are a great sustainable protein source.”

“Coming to Buffalo?”

It was an innocent Facebook question, probably no response expected.  After all we’re just Facebook friends now, haven’t seen each other in thirty years.  Who’d interpret it as an invitation?  Well… Me.  So, Jude ends up with a thirty five foot rig parked in her driveway and two dinner guests.  Probably not the relaxing evening her and Ed were expecting – but I couldn’t resist.

I met Judy my freshman year and she will forever remain one of my favorite people.   Judy was the first new friend I made in the dorm and it was the friendship that made the dorm start to feel like home.

No one answered the front door when I rang, so I had to go into the garage and bang on that door (if that didn’t work I was eyeing an unlocked window on the second floor).  Judy came to the door with the same infectious smile that I remember.  She’s now, somehow, at least a decade younger than I am – could it be all the exercise she get’s doing crew.  Judy was always go-getter and that hasn’t changed.  She and Ed have a lovely home, have successfully raised  two children, and Judy has a consulting business (I know that from Linkedin – we didn’t discuss work).

Judy and Ed were wonderful hosts and the meal was fantastic.  It was great to meet Ed, introduce Lisa, catch up on each other’s lives and reminisce.   Of course there wasn’t enough time and there were a lot of things that came to mind after we left that I wished I had asked about, but there’s always next time… Jude is 2037 too soon for another visit?