The Vault in Savannah Georgia is a hip nuevo-dining joint that attracts many college students to enjoy its unique menu. (To be fair any restaurant that has both taco and sushi sections is going to be good in my book). We started out the meal with spring rolls, which were nothing special, and nigiri (salmon, tuna and unagi/eel) which was exceptional. Exceptional partially because I made an exception to eat this, sushi I like hit straight raw fish on a plate isn’t usually my go to. Secondarily exceptional in its general sense, to mean really really good. The fish was fresh and soft and I can’t think of anything better to describe it than the colloquial term “like butter”. For my meal I got fish tacos and the traveler sushi roll- which is essentially a Philadelphia roll, deep fried- and they were both full of flavour. The taco had a satisfying mix of textures and just the right about of spicyness. They were packed with cod, so much so my dad asked if I was holding two tacos together when I picked it up. Only complaint here is that the fish was a bit overcooked so it wasn’t as tender as it could have been. The sushi was also very good, salmon isn’t my favourite maki but considering this and that I still ate it, it had to have been good (but with cream cheese etc what’s not to like). We got a chocolate cake for dessert which was mostly mouse, the cakey top half fell off from the bottom and got scoffed down by mom so the good stuff was left for me. But the whole thing was eaten so quickly a description could hardly be formulated. But bonus points for the strawberries to break up the flavour. Service was good, the atmosphere was a bit loud and we suspected the table we sat at might have just been paired with their waiting booths as a haphazard makeshift way to help the forty minute wait (luckily being in Georgia waiting outside for reservations isn’t anything to complain about). Overall 8.8/10