Day 1 Food Post:

I’ve always wanted to have a food blog to rate, write and rant about all the restaurants I’ve eaten at. RVing presents this opportunity, and this idea glinted even more brightly as I realised our venture track would be taking us right through New Haven rated, by some, and arguably, to be the home of the  best pizza in the US. After sleeping through breakfast, packing through lunch, and driving through dinner, I was growing considerably hungrier. By 10:30 I had lasted the day on two microwaved leftover quahogs, a small grinder and a bag of popcorn. By this time of night the best of the best places were closed but one of the well-rateds was open until 11, it was 10:20 and we were close enough to make it and far enough it would be cutting it really close- then disaster struck. The gps tried to take us on a parkway where large vehicles like us weren’t allowed, we pulled off and spent twenty minutes in a CVS parking lot trying to figure out where we were. But not all hope was lost- a couple restaurants were open until 1am, but once on the road again the New Haven exit came and went like the last shining beacon of hope of a good meal. 

Fast forward to New Haven Rest Stop, the premiere place for crappy off the road fast-food. The very last hope for this place was a Moe’s which I was very certain would be closed, and I wasn’t wrong. 

Thence leaves us with McDonald’s,  from which my mom and I split a southwest salad (chicken on the side) and a filet-o-fish (without tartar sauce). The salad wasn’t bad. It wasn’t as good as Moe’s, or UConn’s Union or even the premixed bagged salads you get at the grocery store- but it could’ve been worse. 

My mom left more than half of the sandwich for me to eat and really I suppose that should have been the first sign. The second was the safety cone orange cheese that had congealed off the side of the bun, which upon flicking felt like it was in fact made of the same plastic instead of some sort of digestible source of nutrients. 

Nonetheless I ventured a bite. Although I hate tartar sauce, perhaps getting this without it was a mistake, at least it would have had a flavour, even if that taste was no good at all. Bland, however, was the last of this guys problems. Besides being completely tasteless, the fish filet felt like it had been under those heat lamps since at least that morning if not the morning prior. Dry and tasteless, it felt like I was chewing on the napkin I wanted to spit my bite into instead of a “filet of Alaskan polluck.” In fact I think I’d have rather been eating the napkin instead. While I am a Mattei and no food can go disposed, I will justify this in the defence that this could in no way be called food. In conclusion, No fish deserved to die for such a disaster of a sandwich. 

0/10 Really Icky Polluck