Like many people my age, as a 22 year old college student, one of my favourite pastimes is spending an extended period of time with my parents in a confined space with nowhere to escape to. A perfect space for this is a 31ft long motor home equipped with one interior door which either hides the bathroom OR separates the back bedroom from the rest of the vehicle. This means my “room” (aka a-one-inch-too-short-for-me-to-stretch-out-comfortably- on jackknife couch bed) is not separated from the two foot neighbouring kitchen, dining room, and steering wheel. Privacy of course is not a commonly needed necessity of adolescent girls, especially those who like to sleep until noon -but what college student on vacation would possibly like to do that?

I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to sign on for this but here I am along for the ride. 

We got less than half a day in when I wanted to give up and say “that’s it I want to go home now.”

But jokes on me… This is my home now.

Not sure what’s to come but all I know is I am seatbelted in with no where to go … And surrounded by a bunch of nuts.