We’ve are busy visiting places and it’s been hard to keep up with the blog. We’re currently driving through Wyoming (through some cool tunnels on a mountain pass and hoping to see some long horn sheep ) and I’m looking through my photos so I can write about North Dakota. I’m only writing because I’ve given up the passenger seat to Alyssa and the view isn’t quite as nice from the couch (but not bad).

The last paragraph is about a month old – we’re now in Montana and I need to finish up this blog about North Dakota then write about South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho.  So here we go…

We have so many beautiful National Parks that some of them, like Theodore Roosevelt National Park, tend to get overlooked. We probably wouldn’t have visited it if Alyssa hadn’t written a report about it when she was in 7th grade. The American Indians called this land the “No Good Lands” (bad lands).


There was an abundant population of Buffalos before they were driven close to extinction. Since then they have been re-introduced and buffalo jams are pretty common:


We took a lot of short hikes, our favorite was probably the Petrified Forest Loop.  Lots of interesting geology here and it’s fascinating to imagine what it looked like when these huge rock were trees.


Alyssa wrote her Junior High Report on this park because it has a feral horse population, so of course we had to find them.


Alyssa also met up with her friend Olivia who now lives in Medora (situated at the entrance to the park). They went riding together then met us for a drink and some good music at the Little Missouri Saloon. The big event in Medora is the Musical so we had to go see that. Olivia lives here year-round and knows everyone in town (population of 66 during the winter). Great to see you Olivia!


Lots more to come …