Deja Vu

Many times we’ve all experienced moments that seem familiar to us. Like we’ve been there before or the scenario has already happened. Well, this became the case when we met Rick as he was walking by our campsite at Nickerson Park in Chaplin, CT. As we talked, we discovered many similarities (full time camper, computer engineer, daughter in early twenties, runner), and felt a sense of connection and deja vu. After we said our goodbyes, later that evening we both thought that we might of met before. But where? Why did his story sound familiar to us? Then it struck … we met Rick and his wife Jessica last year at Peppertree! Phil and Elaine (my cousins) introduced us to them since they had just started full-timing. We asked them many questions and even sent them email to stay in touch! Too funny … none of us made this connection when we reunited. So a few days later, we saw Rick again and mentioned that we had met before and he said “Yes, I thought the same thing while I was walking back to my camper.” So we all laughed, joked about memory loss problems, and got together for drinks that evening. It was great to see them AGAIN!


UCONN’s Fine Art Show

On April 13, Alyssa and other UCONN Senior art students displayed their final projects at the ArtSpace Windham Gallery in Willimantic. Many talented and creative artists! Alyssa’s sculpture work and photography were surrounded by family and friends who came to see her. It was wonderful to be together again! We are so proud of you Alyssa and how you’ve evolved as an artist and a person.


Easter at Cape

We had a great time with the family on Easter weekend and the weather was just beautiful. Mom’s meat-stuffed shells were more delicious than usual. Singing happy birthday to Linda, seeing my transplanted wildflowers coming up, and a fun egg hunt were some highlights.

Camping and Hiking in Natchaug State Forest

April showers bring May flowers … and black flies!  However, we are still determined to explore the beauty and hiking trails in the Natchaug Forest near Peppertree campground. We’ve discovered Diana’s Pool and other trails in the Natchaug State Park nearby. Fishing along the Natchaug River is a popular sport this time of year. It is mesmerizing to watch the fly fisherman in action. And of course, the native wildflowers are a highlight of every walk in the woods! Along the mossy green paths are speckles of trout lily in bloom. Enjoy these special treasures of mother earth.