I  like the song, but I never thought of Alabama as “Sweet Home.” I’ve always had an irrational fear that I’d be pulled over in some small town and arrested for some crime I didn’t commit.  Maybe I’ve watched “My Cousin Vinnie” a few too many times.

As it turns out, we did get to spend some time in Alabama and it was a pleasant experience outside of the rooster.  Anyone who knows Lisa knows that her sleeping schedule does not align well with roosters, but other than a couple of early morning disturbances we had a really nice time.

We stayed in the town of Bellingraph, just outside of Mobile.  I know I can’t capture the serenity and beauty of Bellingraph Gardens in words or pictures, so I’ll just say if you get a chance visit, you’ll be glad you did.


We enjoyed an afternoon at the Mobile Art  Museum.  The art displays feel intimate, like you are looking at a number of small personal art collections.  The gorgeous setting overlooks a river and sculpture garden.


Most of the restaurants in Mobile are closed on Sunday, but we asked around and someone suggested the “Blind Mule.”  It was a good call.  The waitress/bartender was enthusiastic (about the food, her job and Mobile), the food was great and the other patrons were friendly.  We really enjoyed our meals, gumbo and shrimp and grits for me and chili and a hamburger for Lisa along with a local Mobile brew.  Topped off with a dessert of spicey chocolate mousse.


Before visiting, I would have considered Alabama a success if I stayed out of Jail.  Now I’m anxious to go back.