Day 2:

Stopped at Maryland House rest area for lunch. A burrito place and a seafood shack were placed right next to each other, leaving me with a seriously dilemma. But after having missed Moe’s yesterday I had to go for the Currito. Customizable quesadillas made for an extremely satisfying meal after living off of rest food for the last couple days. 6/10


Day 3:

Fried meat from a gas station doesn’t sound like a most appealing meal, especially when you’ve only been eating at rest stops for the last three days, but when you’re hungry you eat. So I went in and got a two piece fish and biscuit at Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and a side of Mac and Cheese. I tried the Mac and cheese and it was pretty standard, elbow noodles in orange cheese and luke warm, not super satisfying, but better than the microwave kind we have got. Next I tried the biscuit which was surprisingly sweet. For which my only explanation was that it must be honey butter. But after the initial shock the biscuit is buttery and flaky just like one should be. The fish was also a surprise, it was actually not bad. Although having sat under a heat lamp and only mediocrely warm, the Cajun seasoning gave it a good flavour and the crunchy coating allowed the fish to maintain a decent level of moisture. Overall it was about as good as an above average meal at Uconn, as opposed to trying to chew through fish flavoured cardboard sandwiched between two pieces of dry stale bread (looking at you McDonald’s). 4/10